Specialties & Certifications

Krista Hull's adventure in the travel business began with her passion for showing her family the world. Krista and her husband of twenty-FOUR years, Rob, have four fantastic kids: a son and three daughters.

The Hulls started a tradition of taking each of their kids on vacation alone --without siblings!-- for their 8th birthdays.  Thus began many trips to Disney World, which spurred Krista to become a Disney "expert" and the unofficial vacation planner for her friends. Eventually this passion and experience led her to writing a Disney World guide book.

In addition to always having a piece of her heart at Disney, Krista has enjoyed cruising on nearly every major cruise line, as well as beachy all-inclusive vacations with her family. Research is her "thing" and she loves decoding the logistics of traveling TO unknown places.  Rob and Krista were thrilled to break another travel barrier and experience Europe by cruise ship in honor of their 20th wedding anniversary in 2013.

Krista became a Travel agent later that same year, and has been blessed by the opportunity to help people she loves see their vacation dreams come true!  Her style in helping others is like that of a "best friend".  Krista is a straight-shooter, and a genuine lover of people. Her advice is clear, fun, and honest and she looks forward to helping you plan your dream vacation too!


FAMILY Vacation Specialist